Thursday, September 27, 2012


 I just called Nikon USA for a simple Auto FP (high Speed Sync) question about the on camera flash and SB-400... no one at nikon seems to know anything about their own camera and flash... I understand that the support staff needs to know a lot nikon cameras... HOWEVER I feel that is NOT a excuse for not knowing your pro cameras FP mode....

Canon Professional service... Please produce a High Mega Pix Camera and I come back to you!!!

Man I miss Canon Support!!!


SAM -- the most perfect asian boy :D


Sure it is easy to find that perfect looking asian boy on the street of Beijing, Shanghai, or Soul... however it is not easy to find that PERFECT asian boy with the amazing body and the striking face to match in nyc...  than again I did find Sam @ ORB models in nyc... :D

ONE MORE THING.. Want to see the FULL Sam? Well wait for my new book. featuring over 100 BOYS in and out of clothe... haha lol :D

汪大金 摄影 
男模 大金图片

Monday, September 24, 2012

Introducing Chris Minaya

The most beautiful eyes I have ever seen! 

汪大金 摄影 
男模 大金图片